Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Western New York Hunting Leases(Beware)

If you are looking for A Deer Hunting Lease in western New York I Just have to throw the warning out about Gerald Dietz. I had put some ads on Crigslist through this summer looking for a deer lease  or two here in western New York. If you live in and hunt in western New York you know for a quality Deer Lease that doesn't cost an arm and a leg,Well they are not so easy to come by. I am always looking for new properties to hunt. i am not afraid to pay I just want my own spots to hunt where I know they are mine.
  Anyway,Well a Guy by the name of Gerald Dietz sends me an email,oh yea,I have 5 different properties that are going to be for lease this coming season(2011-2012).  In Lima and Victor, Some are 50 acres and some are 80,10 to 15 an acre.should have known right off the bat this guy doesn't have something no one else in western new york has. But anyway,of course I try to call and get a hold of him immediately and let him know I have cash money. No answer on his phone and wouldn't return my phone calls. Writes me another email about a week and a half latter,after i kind of blew him off. Oh yea, here is maps and he would have to meet me for me to see. Well,That is the last I have heard from  this guy.
  So,I did some research and ask around a little bit, Everyone i talk to warned me this guy is trouble. I mean,I could gather this from the way he responds to emails and phone calls. But I was heavily warned, Do Not do business with this guy. Well,I feel I need pass this on to folks here in Western New York. Guy is not right. Pissed me off. Respond to my email out of the blue just to blow smoke up my ass. Then don't respond to my calls and emails. What  flake.
  If this ole boy wants to do business with you, I would have to pass.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turkey Food Plots...

Turkey Food Plots I don't think are thought of in the same way as A deer food plot. I am not even sure if as many hunters would be willing to do the work it takes to put a successful food plot in for Turkey. I would think it wouldn't be considered as exciting as planting a plot for Whitetail but hey, I a m a die hard Whitetail Deer Hunter. Nothing is more exciting to me as hunting that species. Maybe ,In fact I'm sure that there is hunters that feel the same way about hunting Turkey.
   that being said, I saw a TV show this morning that showed a very effective food plot for Turkey. chufa! That's right Chufa. Chufas is a grass like plant that has a nut underground that grows much like peanuts. This plant grows Seeds or nuts on the end of its root system called tubers. One Chufa plant will  produce 20 to 100 tubers.This is the part that is gold to turkeys. They love to scratch the ground and dig them up. Yes, in fact deer do like to graze on the grass and wild hogs as well will root around and feed on the nut/seed as well. The spring is the best time to plant chufa. You do not have to have a large perfect food plot for this plant. Many will plant any open area on there property that is from 1/4 acre to 1 acre. A really good spot for this plot is on power line runs. They will always be open,there is cover on both sides for safety and with your chufa food plot it only makes since that Turkey as well as other wildlife will make your plot part of there every day diner menu.