Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Western New York Hunting Leases(Beware)

If you are looking for A Deer Hunting Lease in western New York I Just have to throw the warning out about Gerald Dietz. I had put some ads on Crigslist through this summer looking for a deer lease  or two here in western New York. If you live in and hunt in western New York you know for a quality Deer Lease that doesn't cost an arm and a leg,Well they are not so easy to come by. I am always looking for new properties to hunt. i am not afraid to pay I just want my own spots to hunt where I know they are mine.
  Anyway,Well a Guy by the name of Gerald Dietz sends me an email,oh yea,I have 5 different properties that are going to be for lease this coming season(2011-2012).  In Lima and Victor, Some are 50 acres and some are 80,10 to 15 an acre.should have known right off the bat this guy doesn't have something no one else in western new york has. But anyway,of course I try to call and get a hold of him immediately and let him know I have cash money. No answer on his phone and wouldn't return my phone calls. Writes me another email about a week and a half latter,after i kind of blew him off. Oh yea, here is maps and he would have to meet me for me to see. Well,That is the last I have heard from  this guy.
  So,I did some research and ask around a little bit, Everyone i talk to warned me this guy is trouble. I mean,I could gather this from the way he responds to emails and phone calls. But I was heavily warned, Do Not do business with this guy. Well,I feel I need pass this on to folks here in Western New York. Guy is not right. Pissed me off. Respond to my email out of the blue just to blow smoke up my ass. Then don't respond to my calls and emails. What  flake.
  If this ole boy wants to do business with you, I would have to pass.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turkey Food Plots...

Turkey Food Plots I don't think are thought of in the same way as A deer food plot. I am not even sure if as many hunters would be willing to do the work it takes to put a successful food plot in for Turkey. I would think it wouldn't be considered as exciting as planting a plot for Whitetail but hey, I a m a die hard Whitetail Deer Hunter. Nothing is more exciting to me as hunting that species. Maybe ,In fact I'm sure that there is hunters that feel the same way about hunting Turkey.
   that being said, I saw a TV show this morning that showed a very effective food plot for Turkey. chufa! That's right Chufa. Chufas is a grass like plant that has a nut underground that grows much like peanuts. This plant grows Seeds or nuts on the end of its root system called tubers. One Chufa plant will  produce 20 to 100 tubers.This is the part that is gold to turkeys. They love to scratch the ground and dig them up. Yes, in fact deer do like to graze on the grass and wild hogs as well will root around and feed on the nut/seed as well. The spring is the best time to plant chufa. You do not have to have a large perfect food plot for this plant. Many will plant any open area on there property that is from 1/4 acre to 1 acre. A really good spot for this plot is on power line runs. They will always be open,there is cover on both sides for safety and with your chufa food plot it only makes since that Turkey as well as other wildlife will make your plot part of there every day diner menu.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Canadian Muley with a bow

Gross non typical score - 259 1/8
Gross typical frame - 211 7/8
Net typical frame - 207
Total net non typical - 254 4/8

Here's his story...

Saturday morning- saw buck feeding out in field with 3 other bucks, watched
him for over 1 hr in my spotting scope, got some pictures through the
vortex, which are attached. I knew from the first second I saw him he was a
true giant but never had him pinned at what he actually scored! I watched
him bed down, went in for the sneak through the standing flax, Got within 43
yards but when he stood up he walked straight away and I had no shot with
the bow.

Saturday night, went back to the field just to make sure he was still around
and he was right where I saw him last. Left him for the night

Sunday morning- Went out with Mike Gebhard and he was in the same field and
the night previous, waited over an hour for him to bed once he did, we
tried the stalk again, well we did get in closer, got within 32 yards waited
a bit and he stood up and did it to me again, walked straight away! NO
SHOT!!! My heart sank for a second time in 2 days ! What an amazing buck
to watch at 32 yards!

Monday morning - I had to be responsible for a couple days and go harvest so
I did a drive through the area on the way to the farm and he was again in the same field! There was no wind so it wasn't as hard leaving him there to
go harvest.

Tuesday - WINDY and I was harvesting!!!

Wednesday - planned on going to office in AM then harvesting in PM but I had
to try and find him if I could, I was more then a little consumed by this
buck! Well he was in the same field again, he was the most predictable buck
I have ever seen, which I was good with. I again spent some quality time
with my vortex spotting scope. This time I made sure I knew which way he
bedded down so I would be broadside when he stood up. I left my truck at
8:15 and went for the stalk. Half way in the smaller buck with him stood
up and ate for a bit so I layed down and let him bed up again. Well this
time I got to 28.5 yards and he had no clue I was there, wind in my face,
laying broadside to me, now just the patience game, he put me to the test,
I was there for over 2.5 hrs kneeling in mud waiting for him to stand. The
smaller buck got up again and milled around for probably 20 minutes then the
moment of truth, he finally stood up! I was ready and drew and put an arrow
in him!
He didn't go 130 yards and 5 minutes later he was dead, I didn't get back
to the truck till 12:45 so safe to say I didn't make it to the office or
harvesting at all that day.

He was one of those deer that actually grew as I walked up to him!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RUT REPORT ,For Western New York As Of November 1st, 2010

November 1st,2010
In Ontario county the rut is on. I went out hunting yesterday evening, about 15 minutes before dusk I saw a small buck terrorizing this mature doe. He would not let her stand still. They went right by me and was crashing through the woods. I would have to say she was very close to being ready to breed. The Buck was to small to take but if I would have had more light I'm sure that she left a pretty good smelling trail that better bucks very possibly could have taken to.
  If you live in New York or any where for that matter, please share your information about what kind of Rut activity you are seeing. Each one of us has limited information about where the rut is at. If we can get 10 different Comments on the activity you and others are seeing than it could be a lot of help to many. 
  November 2nd, Really exciting. Good luck to everyone and hope to hear from each and everyone of you. 
Friday November 5th,2010
   Again, Went out hunting this morning, Saw a one and a half year old buck chasing a mature doe. The doe was not reseptive but he sure thought she smelled good. any to offer to this please leave your comments below. Just like you looked at this for info on the 2010 whitetail rut report so are others. Your input is important. Good Luck!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Buck Decoys- The Truth About Them

Buck Decoys-The Truth About Them. I would have to venture a guess and say 90%(if not more) of the every day Whitetail deer hunter do not own and have not thought about using a buck decoy. I am not sure why this is but I can not recall it ever coming up in conversation with another hunter. I'm not sure they are even  readily available at say Gander Mountain or Dicks.
   This being said lets consider something else. How many times have you seen a trophy buck, out of shooting range or could not slow the deer down long enough to get an ethical shot or for whatever reason could not close the deal? I know more than half of the time I saw a true trophy class deer and did not close the deal. Hell,maybe 90% of the time. We have all heard it and it stands true, Trophy bucks did not get to be trophies because they are stupid. They are intelligent and as bone collectors and hunters of trophy animals we need every tool in our arsenal to harvest these once in a life time whitetails.
  Okay,here is the scoop on the buck decoy. If you did not know, bucks run in bachelor groups through the summer. By the time these bucks are working on shedding there velvet the pecking order has been established. The bucks that use your area as there home range are familiar with the other bucks in the area. They know which one is the dominant Buck and who is who, so to speak,and basically have established the pecking order. When you put a decoy out it you are introducing a new buck that they are not familiar with. Using a little buck scent in combination(Put directly on decoy)can be very effective. Don't misunderstand me, There is certain times and conditions that a decoy will work best. Often times when I'm hunting like a soybean field or an open area I love to use them. The big, smart bucks will hang up in the woods until dark, then come to feed in the bean field. You might never know they are there. By putting a decoy out it can draw that buck to investigate. In general I would have to say open areas is when decoys are going to be most effective. I think you get my point.
   Two of my best bucks taken, a decoy made the difference and help me close the deal. Hunting a open field during bow season, It gets difficult to get the bucks to come in bow range. The decoy will peak his curiosity and he will have to come check it out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rain Stops-Hunt those Scrapes, QUICK!!!

Rain stops, Can't get to my stands over that scrape that Whitetail Buck made, quick enough. What am I talking about?
 In the fall the weather is different than summer. Summer time it will be burst of thunderstorms but very seldom will it rain straight all day,or even 2 or 3 days for that matter. But in the fall, This is exactly how it is. these slow moving cold fronts will move through and it can rain for 3 days straight. 
  Many times I have seen bucks have a pattern where every evening an hour before dark they will begin go to there scrapes freshening them up. But these 2 days of rain will disrupt this pattern. Often these bucks will stay in bed and wait it out.
  BUT, I swear deer have a six sense, They know the rain is done. And 2 days of steady rain washes away the strength of those scrapes. That being said, the minute the rain is done, those Whitetail Bucks are going to be up and on there way to freshen up those scrapes. the important thing is the key word is minute it stops raining.
   If you know the rain is about done and expected to pass through, you need to be on stand waiting for it to stop. It does not take long for them to get up and head for these scrapes. if you can be there in the rain anticipating it to stop that is best.
   So, if it is going to pour out for a day or two, be on stand over that scrape from that  buck, waiting for it to stop, when that buck comes through to freshen up his scrape after the rain has washed it away, You, will be ready.

Monday, October 4, 2010

How Important is Water To A Whitetail Deer...

How important is water to a whitetail deer? Well, This might seem obvious but the answer is very important. The thing is I think deer hunters have trouble putting Two and Two together. Let me explain. When I am looking at a new place to hunt I will always look at say Google maps or Superpages maps and do an over head view. Find where the nearest water source is to my hunting area. You can bet during early bow season and all the way through the rut for that matter the deer will be going to that water hole on a regular basis. If I can intercept there travels to that watering hole or better yet actually put my stands up on the watering hole, I feel good about my chances of harvesting a good shooter buck.
   The reason I mentioned early bow and through the rut is, early bow, even up here in western New York, we will still have some weather that is warm. The deer need the water more then. I don't have to say, when those bucks are chasing does and running all day, they with out a doubt- have to hydrate.
   It's not to say that after the rut calms down and it begins to cool off that the nearest available water is not still necessary. But not quite as in demand as these other times.
  If you look at the picture I have attached with this post, this buck has mud about a foot up on his hooves. About 40 yards from where this trail pic was taken is a pond. that is the nearest watering hole where I hunt. This deer was not crossing the water, he went down to the water to drink.
  When you are setting up stands in a new location or re-evaluating your current location, Be sure to keep in mind the nearest water source. It might make the difference.