Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RUT REPORT ,For Western New York As Of November 1st, 2010

November 1st,2010
In Ontario county the rut is on. I went out hunting yesterday evening, about 15 minutes before dusk I saw a small buck terrorizing this mature doe. He would not let her stand still. They went right by me and was crashing through the woods. I would have to say she was very close to being ready to breed. The Buck was to small to take but if I would have had more light I'm sure that she left a pretty good smelling trail that better bucks very possibly could have taken to.
  If you live in New York or any where for that matter, please share your information about what kind of Rut activity you are seeing. Each one of us has limited information about where the rut is at. If we can get 10 different Comments on the activity you and others are seeing than it could be a lot of help to many. 
  November 2nd, Really exciting. Good luck to everyone and hope to hear from each and everyone of you. 
Friday November 5th,2010
   Again, Went out hunting this morning, Saw a one and a half year old buck chasing a mature doe. The doe was not reseptive but he sure thought she smelled good. any to offer to this please leave your comments below. Just like you looked at this for info on the 2010 whitetail rut report so are others. Your input is important. Good Luck!!!

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  1. November 4 th in eastern Orleans county I would have to say that the rut is on at it's beginning stages. This afternoon I had 3 different bucks coming through the hardwoods not even the thick swamp I was near that I usually see them come out of. The bucks are being very responsive to the doe bleep I have been using, I would recommend it. Just don't over do it.


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