Friday, October 8, 2010

Rain Stops-Hunt those Scrapes, QUICK!!!

Rain stops, Can't get to my stands over that scrape that Whitetail Buck made, quick enough. What am I talking about?
 In the fall the weather is different than summer. Summer time it will be burst of thunderstorms but very seldom will it rain straight all day,or even 2 or 3 days for that matter. But in the fall, This is exactly how it is. these slow moving cold fronts will move through and it can rain for 3 days straight. 
  Many times I have seen bucks have a pattern where every evening an hour before dark they will begin go to there scrapes freshening them up. But these 2 days of rain will disrupt this pattern. Often these bucks will stay in bed and wait it out.
  BUT, I swear deer have a six sense, They know the rain is done. And 2 days of steady rain washes away the strength of those scrapes. That being said, the minute the rain is done, those Whitetail Bucks are going to be up and on there way to freshen up those scrapes. the important thing is the key word is minute it stops raining.
   If you know the rain is about done and expected to pass through, you need to be on stand waiting for it to stop. It does not take long for them to get up and head for these scrapes. if you can be there in the rain anticipating it to stop that is best.
   So, if it is going to pour out for a day or two, be on stand over that scrape from that  buck, waiting for it to stop, when that buck comes through to freshen up his scrape after the rain has washed it away, You, will be ready.


  1. I'd have to agree with you on this one. I ran into plenty of fresh scrapes a week ago after multiple days of rain in our area. At least 20+ fresh scrapes that morning. Amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog

  2. Thank you for your comment and I'm with you, Really is a good time to ambush a buck over a scrape. Have a great season.

  3. Very good advice on hunting right after a rain. Deer also know when a rain front moves in, if it's a heavy weather front be eight hours before in the woods and deer will move everywhere and fill their bellies, regardless of what time of the day.

    Great blog by the way I am glad we exchange links.


  4. Othmar, This is great advice and I'm so glad we exchanged links as well. Your Blog is so informative. Hope mine can get to where yours is someday.

  5. Hi Keith,
    I have never heard of this before but it makes sense. I think this may be because during the rut here in Manitoba it's usually the white stuff falling and no longer rain at that point...

    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. You have some good advice on here and I look forward to reading some more! Don't be shy to comment on any of my posts, I always appreciate feedback.

    Cheers :)

  6. WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing that tip!!! I never thought of this either! Will have to try it out. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to reading more of yours.


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