Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bow Season Opens In Two Weeks!

Bow season opens in 2 weeks and I am Stoked!!! All I can do is eat,sleep and think bucks. I will go to my stands this weekend and check deer activity. I do know I have a decent 21/2 year old 9 pointer moving through one of my spots but only trail picks of him is @ about 3:00AM in the morning. That being said there has to be a bigger more dominant buck in the area. I am hunting a pond where he is so it is the main water source in this area. I have not checked that trail camera in about 2 weeks. I figure I will leave it out until a day or 2 before opening Saturday. It’s hard not to check it every time I go out there but I do resist.
I have another spot that is only about 12 acres but it has about 300 behind it and again, I believe what makes it so promising is the fact that a creek runs right through it and the only way to get from the large track of woods to the north to the 300 acres to the south is to go through where I am. It is promising. Anyway, Will write more Soon.

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