Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hunting The Rubs A Whitetail makes Or The Lack There Of...

Hunting the rubs that Whitetail Bucks make with there horns Or The Lack There Of ...
  I have been really looking for rubs and haven't been seeing any this year. It is really weird. I know there is bucks in my area because I have trail Cam pics of them So it is not to concerning. I tend to think maybe where I am hunting might just be the path the deer travel to get to there bedding areas or water, or food. one really odd thing is that places that last year had rubs like crazy do not have rubs this year. The area where you normally find rubs will most of the time have rubs year after year. Not necessarily the same trees but definitely the same are.
  Another reason this is not to concerning is over time I have learned to focus on the scrapes as appose to the rubs. Don't get me wrong, when I'm looking for a stand location it gets me very excited to see rubs on the trees around where I am thinking of setting a stand but it is not crucial. Before we had trail cams it would have been a different story but I have pictures of good 3 and a 1/2 year old deer moving through my trails on multiple occasions. The point I really want to make is this, Whitetail bucks will rub there antlers on trees and never return to that tree again. But a scrape from a Whitetail Buck , well, he will check up and freshen up on a regular basis. It is the bucks M.O., him letting other deer know who he is and he is in the area. It is a social thing. As well other bucks will mark this scrape if so inclined and it will let the first buck know who he is. That being said, Mature whitetails will check there scrapes on a regular basis. A Rub well tell you a Buck was there, but there is nothing saying he will ever come back to that spot. Don't worry about rubs, they are encouraging to see, especially big ones on big trees, but not what needs to be focused on. Scrapes are where it's at, That is, your chance at harvesting the buck that made it.

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